Note: below is dated listed of old routes from the RUSA permanents database. Please refer to for a comprehensive list of active RUSA Permanent routes
Name Active Distance Climbing M per KM Tags
Le Porte de Celo 100km 1,263m 12.6
Waynesville Populaire 100km 1,398m 14.0
Zuma Barntown 101km 1,439m 14.2
Lake Lure Populaire 102km 1,477m 14.5
Pisgah Punch 104km 1,629m 15.7
Stoney Fork Celo Bump 104km 2,011m 19.3 gravel
Oskar Blues Populaire 105km 1,523m 14.5
AVL-Mitchell-AVL 112km 2,440m 21.8
Grapevine Wedge 115km 1,415m 12.3
Bonnie 'n Clyde Populaire 128km 1,496m 11.7