Land of the Sky 1300km



No waiver, no lights, no reflective gear, no ride! No exceptions!

$$$ MONEY $$$

We are only accepting cash for brevet registration at this time.
We apologize for the inconvenience

Proof of passage


AIR prefers EPP (electronic proof of passage) for ride verification.

In the event of GPS failure, take a picture of your bike at each control with your smartphone.


They are available for you to print/modify as needed at the RidewithGPS route link.

AIR ride faq:

How do I "register" for a ride?

To register for an AIR ride simply send these details to

  • The date and ride you are interested in registering for
  • Your active RUSA membership number
  • Your first name / last name
  • A working phone number
  • Emergency contact
    • first name / last name
    • working phone number

How do I get a RUSA membership?

To register you must be an active RUSA member.

If you are not an active RUSA member head to and register.

Note: if you are registering with RUSA close to the start of an event you likely cannot pay with a check in time. Instead use PayPal and email with your pre-registration information to get a full registration expedited.

What gear requirements are there?

For any of the ride that is done in the dark (even at the start), you MUST have:

  • A RUSA compliant reflective vest
  • Ankle reflectors
  • Active/working front light
  • Active/working rear red light

Ultimately all riders must meet or exceed the RUSA guidelines:

Failure to meet these requirements will result in disqualification from the event.

Ride proof?

We accept electronic proof of passage (EPP) for ride verification, but offer traditional Brevet Cards on request.

Valid EPP methods/examples:

  • Strava or equivalent GPS track showing the entire ride
  • Picture of bike and self at each control

Will there be SAG or support on the ride?

Unless otherwise noted there will be no SAG or support vehicle.

If you quit the ride be prepared to get yourself back home / to the start.

Will a get paper queue sheet at the ride start?

No. Please print your own queue sheet directly from the RWGPS page.

What kind of support is permitted?

You are able to receive support from event riders anywhere on course.

You are allowed to receive support (even from non riders) at each "control".

No other support is allowed.